Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Celilo Gardens is a landscape design studio in Portland Oregon.

With all the craziness surrounding Covid-19 (social/physical distancing, face masks, washing of hands) Celilo Gardens has introduced strategies to keep us all safer as we work together on a landscape design. Site visits are an important fact finding part of our work, however when we are on a client’s property to measure and walk the property we encourage the client to remain inside.  If there are questions or issues we communicate in real time with the client by cell phone and Facetime chats. Meetings with clients can be held utilizing Zoom so we can discuss design ideas and share images and drawings back and forth, virtually.  Drawings can be scanned and sent to the client before or after the meeting so they can print the scan and have their own hardcopy, if they wish.  Lastly – payment for services is encouraged to be made via PayPal to maintain less one to one  contact.  Hopefully all of these tactics will not necessary for long but for now, let’s all be safe and be well. 

We bring many moons of design experience and plantsmanship to the landscaped environment. We integrate water-wise and sustainable strategies into our designs like alternatives to lawn and organic options to chemical use. We believe climate change is quickly creating drought conditions in unexpected places and therefore Firescaping urban land is becoming part of the design conversation. We strive to be good listeners…whether you want a landscape influenced by Japanese design, contemporary elements or the English cottage look…We bring your vision to the landscape with our expertise. We pride ourselves on choosing the right plant for the right spot… the first time. And, we are nice.

A Word (or two) About Our Fees. We charge $175 for the first visit to your site to talk about your project.  However if you accept our design proposal and the project goes forward, we credit you with $50 for the initial site visit.  And because every project is unique to the site, size, complexity and the owners’ desires, our fees are customized for each project. We work primarily on a Fee Proposal basis for a complete landscape design or master plan. We also offer a quick Flat Fee Consultation (1½ hours of site time and travel time and 30-45 minutes of follow up for questions and/or research) for $350. Occasionally we work for an hourly rate if projects are not well defined or if additional services pop up. The current hourly rate is $125. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need additional details.

We look forward to working with you.

** Celilo = “the echo of falling water”, in reference to waterfalls and cascades, native American in origin.

For advice on gardening problems or with general questions about landscape design, go to “Dear Bonnie” or send your questions to [email protected]


    • Hardscape design
    • Planting plans
    • Water features
    • Furniture design and selection
    • Exterior lighting

    Landscape Design

    • Bidding process coach
    • Onsite installation supervision
    • Plant procurement and placement

    Project Coordination

    • Coaching the beginning gardener
    • Editing and updating mature gardens
    • Resource referrals


    • Integrating edibles into perennial landscapes
    • Drought tolerant strategies
    • Organic and integrated pest management practices
    • Tiny Gardens


Landscape and Garden Design

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