Garden by the Lake


This suburban garden was likely planted at about the same time the house was built (1970’s) and it was tired and in need of editing.

The goal was to open the front door more invitingly to the street, restructure and relocate the hardscape and replace existing plants with more suitable shade loving varieties and simplify the overall design.


This shady front garden was originally planted with sun loving plants which were struggling.  The original wood slat fence and raised beds needed replacement or removal.

The existing wooden raised beds were rotted and created obstacles by their layout.

The soil was compacted and remained wet and undrained for long periods of time.


All of the wood beds, wood curbs and the original retaining wall were re-planned and replaced with basalt stone which gave new structure to the garden.

The original wood fence was removed and replaced with a metal trellis and espaliered camellias giving some separation from the street without closing in the front garden.

New shade loving varieties of plants were selected and planted in masses for impact and for ease of maintenance.  And the existing, mature Japanese Maples were retained.

A simple bubbling water feature was installed to add the sound of water to the space and to attract wildlife.

Landscape lighting was installed as much for wayfinding as for ambiance.


The front garden now has a fresh new look while honoring the rectilinear architectural style of the house.  It is now a welcoming entry.