Irvington Landscape


The owners of the property are gardeners in their own right and had planted the existing garden years ago which was in need of rejuvenation and updating. And their young Labrador Retriever had done her best to “rearrange” the plantings.
The goal was to replant an existing rockery which had been overrun with various groundcovers with a new palette of sun loving, drought tolerant, durable plants. As well as re-plan the backyard for outdoor entertaining and interplant edibles with ornamental plantings.


A large ornamental pear tree in the center of the backyard shaded the patchy existing lawn and consequently it did not stand a chance against the traffic the dog subjected it to. A raised bed planted with herbs was also being shaded out by the tree and in need of replacement. The existing raised brick edged patio was in great shape however there was no transition between the hardscape and the rest of the garden. And more entertaining space was needed.


The lawn was replanted with a more shade tolerant mix. The hardscape was extended by adding pavers for a solid platform for the grill which freed up a larger space for entertaining. The raised bed was rebuilt and relocated to the west edge of the property line in the sunniest location for herbs. All the plantings were reworked to the desires of the owners and blueberries, raspberries and huckleberries were woven into the plantings.