Niche Garden


The owners had a mature landscape which was well planted and maintained with the exception of a dark, dry corner by the front door. Celilo Gardens was asked to change the character and create a space which was inviting and useful.


The spot was sheltered by a deep overhang which presented a challenge for plants to thrive deep under the eaves in low light and low water conditions. The corner was small but held an important and very visible location near the front door. On summer mornings it was the only spot in the front yard which got a few hours of direct sunlight.


A small hardscaped pad with a sitting area and a simple water feature were created far back under the eaves which added the sound of water and pushed the plantings farther forward into the light. Irrigation was added to solve the dry conditions for the plants. Garden art was selected to add color and to catch and reflect light back into the rest of the front garden.


A new welcoming place to pause with a cup of coffee was created in the footprint of what once was a dusty corner of the garden.