Create privacy from the street.
Address circulation/drainage and design issues with the existing pond.
Design to attract wildlife.
Provide a spot to linger while being out of direct public view.
Address drainage issues in the original concrete driveway adjacent to the garage.


The site was a very large suburban lot.  The front garden was equal to the total size of an oversized urban lot (110’ x 90’).  The original unobstructed view from the street gave the owners little privacy and offered guests no interest.


A sweeping arch of open fencing was located at the edge of the circular drive to provide a layer of screening and separation while maintaining the connection of the front door with the street.  Behind the screen lies the garden.  The original pond was redesigned to reflect the rectilinear character of the house and constructed to be deep enough to create a safe home for koi.


A simple paved patio was located just outside the front door to be enjoyed on leisure summer evenings and a ramped walk leads from the new paved drive to the patio.

Plantings were selected for ease of maintenance, drama and four season interest. Combining and interplanting two and three plants in mass for contrast and texture kept the plant palette simple.  Careful consideration was paid to the selection and placement of evergreen plants to ensure the garden would have a presence during all seasons.